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What’s Your Spark?


Glitter, glow, spark, inspiration. Start 2018 off with energy and keep the momentum going. Don’t let the winter weather get the better of you.   Shake off reactivity and crowd out negativity by taking action.   Not feeling motivated to make a resolution? How about creating a theme for 2018? The year will be marked by change and you will change with it (whether are aware of it or not). Why not be in control of that?


  1. Pick a theme – What will be your main subject this year? Who or what will you be? Think of your theme as your recurring melody that plays through the seasons or your pantone color of the year. Pick a theme that resonates and energizes you. Need some examples to get you started? Consider this list of possibilities:

Love – generosity – curiosity – joy – kindness

Adventure – progress – learning – growth

Calm – serenity – patience – openness

Flexibility – change – adaptability – responsibility

  1. Create a visual – A visual display will keep your theme at the top of your mind. Be artistic or be practical with your visual. Post your theme on the mirror, a wall, or the refrigerator where it calls attention and serves to remind.     Your visual display will need to be changed from time to time because your mind absorbs the display over time. It will no longer be eye catching. Move it or change it in order to refresh it.


  1. Start each day with an affirmation – Begin each day with positives. Acknowledge your strengths, your inner glow, your unique gifts to the world. These strengths serve as your power base for the day.


  1. Make a powerful statement – What will your theme look like today? What’s on your calendar and how does your theme show up in your actions? What result do you want at the end of the day? Begin your day with that end in mind.


  1. Recognize the obstacles – What may come up today that can get you derailed? What needs to be removed, avoided or overcome? Crowd out negative thoughts and self-doubt, avoid making assumptions and judgments about others, walk away from gossip, and don’t even think about giving a voice to complaints. Any of these will begin a downward spiral that will take you away from your positive theme.


  1. Pause to reflect – Wrap up your day with reflection. Did you do your best to incorporate your theme? What change would you make? What do you want more of and what do you want less of?


Be in control of the shape that 2018 will take for you. Start out with a plan that will spark action and generate energy. Fuel the momentum by opening doors and exploring opportunities. Pretty soon the winter doldrums will be long gone.


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