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Simple Steps to Getting What You Want: Implementation and Accountability

This is the final installment of this series, Simple Steps To Getting What You Want.  In the first installment, we looked forward to see what the road map is going to encompass by reviewing all 10 steps of the program.  In the second installment, we completed the initial steps of the program by determining What by When.   The third installment added a review of the necessary fuel for the program, which is a positive mindset.   The fourth installment added 3 important action steps.   The fifth installment brought awareness of things that can delay or derail.  This final installment reviews three more powerful tools to consider and use to enhance success.

Enlist Others.  It’s easy to abandon lofty goals when no one knows about them but you.  As one of your first steps into the unknown, share your goals with family, friends and connections.  The rewards of this action are manifold.  Opportunities will be uncovered, doors will open, support will pour forth, and you will be held accountable.  Continue to share throughout the process.  Goals can change or modified by the process, but they cannot be easily abandoned once your become accountable for your efforts.

Execute.  Begin each day with positives and affirmations.  Acknowledged your strengths, your inner glow, your unique gifts to the world.  These strengths serve as your power base for the day. 

Choose a Stand for the Day and make a Declaration.  This can be the one word that will act as your empowering muse for the day.    A one-word stand for the day is easy to keep at the forefront of your thoughts.  Examples could include:  My Stand for the Day is Positivity / Wisdom / Proactive / Happy / Social / Connection.

Make a visual display of your Stand for the Day and post it where it can be seen this day.  Review and refresh the visual display of your What by When that you created earlier in the planning stage.

Stay in action.  What action have you identified in your plan for this week and for today?  What door did yesterday’s action open for today?  How can you reach out to connections?   What can you say, write or do today?   Remember that doing nothing results in nothing. 

Reflect and Adjust.  Wrap up your day with reflection.  Did you do your best to move forward to your goal?  What action did you take and what obstacle did you encounter?  What did you learn from this?  What would you change?  What new door was opened? 

The 10 Simple Steps to Getting What You Want have now been rolled out with details to enhance your journey.  For additional support consider hiring a coach to be your impartial sounding board, accountability partner and cheerleader.


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