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The Right Way to Network

  Social networks and the need to communicate are universal human conditions. To put it in perspective, it all began with carrier pigeons in the first century BC. Communication remained relatively simple for the next 15 centuries.  Then tools such as the printing press in the 15th century, followed by the daily newspaper 2 centuries […]

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Networking: From Casual to Strategic

Everyone has a large network of contacts. After all, we are social beings. We grow up as part of a family, make friends, go to school, join clubs and participate in sports teams. We have made hundreds of connections by the time that we graduate and enter the professional world. Without even thinking about it […]

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Be Strategic With Business Networking

The opportunities for networking are abundant.   As a matter of fact, there are so many available that it can be overwhelming. For instance, the popular website lists networking groups available in your geographic area.   The total for my area is 5802 – overwhelming!   And these are just the informal networks of like-minded […]

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