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The Right Way to Network


Social networks and the need to communicate are universal human conditions. To put it in perspective, it all began with carrier pigeons in the first century BC. Communication remained relatively simple for the next 15 centuries.  Then tools such as the printing press in the 15th century, followed by the daily newspaper 2 centuries later, widened communication networks and sped up the pace of communication.   Evolution continued with the invention of the telephone, radio and television. Communication and the ability to stay in touch seemed manageable and even easy before the internet and social media brought the world to our fingertips.   Now it can seem overwhelming just because there are many more opportunities, more people to meet and more ways to stay in touch.   It can also be perplexing trying to figure out how to get from here to there (to make a connection, to meet people, to navigate an event).


SSC Coaching has developed a Toolkit for Effective Networking in order to bring the key elements of networking into sharper focus. It provides an overview of the major aspects of networking and highlights key points to consider. Best practices are presented for developing the Long Game, playing the Short Game, and honing the Emotional Intelligence skills to be successful with both. From this overview, you can dig deeper into any piece by reading available books and blog posts.


Reinforce this toolkit by partnering with a career coach to effectively master the skill of relationship management and build a network of connections that are mutually supportive and share common interests.


Contact SSC Coaching for a complimentary consultation and to get a copy of the Toolkit for Effective Networking.


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