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Forgiving A Difficult Colleague

A recent article in the Harvard Business Review advocated using forgiveness as a tool to consider in managing your emotions and relationship with a difficult colleague.  I have always connected the term “forgiveness” to a past act of someone.  To someone who is remorseful and has asked for forgiveness.  Here is a new way to […]

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Connecting Brand & Purpose

Your personal brand is what others “see” when you interact with them.  You may not be aware that you have a personal brand, but when you connect with someone, they react with emotions just as much as logic (if not more).    Your core principals, values, ethics and mindset shine through.   After all, isn’t it true […]

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5 Essential Soft Skills To Develop In Any Job

The single most important skill that you need to propel your career movement is to be proactive. Ask yourself every day “What action can I take today to move myself forward”? Here are some examples of how to be proactive and also enhance your professional development. The following excerpt is from the Harvard Business Review article by […]

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Business ownership can range from the simple to the complex. Some remote workers, particularly those with independent skills, decide to strike out on their own and become Solopreneurs. Others seek outlets for their creative talents by creating a business to make and sell products or services. Those with a combination of skills and capital can […]

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cross country ski track and the Kaiser

Making Resolutions That Stick

The secret sauce is to be Positive and Specific. Studies show these two characteristics result in a 40% success rate. Negative goals don’t stick. Vague goals don’t stick. It’s not only common sense, but science is behind it. Start your day with positivity! What will you do today? Read more about the science behind goal […]

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