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How to Nurture Happiness

What is happiness?  This question recently stumped a classroom full of co-workers. On the one hand, the answer is so obvious – it’s that good feeling. It’s that feeling of pleasure, joy, warmth, and comfort. You know it when you have it. But, how is this best described in words? How is it achieved and […]

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Train Your Brain For Positivity

  Are you looking for tools that you can use to silence your inner critic or train your brain to channel positivity? Emotions are a powerful force in determining the quality of your day.     Positive emotions provide the fuel for travelling the road to fulfillment. Negative emotions drain the fuel from your tank and can […]

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Complaints Can Pull You Down

  Complaints often fall into the category of negative mind chatter.   They arise in reaction to some act, circumstance, condition or person that is considered wrong or unjust. They fester and gain energy when we fail to form a positive response to this complaint.   But the energy is negative. It spirals downward. The complainer sees […]

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Abolish Negative Self Talk

Are you plagued by negative self-talk?  Do you start off your day with anxiety over an event that is looming on your calendar?  Or do you feel that you are just never going to succeed – maybe you should just give up and go in a different direction?  At the end of the day, are […]

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