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From Dreams To Reality

As the calendar turns from December to January and a new year begins, the subject of goals and resolutions comes up. It turns out that there is actually something about starting a new year that heightens our interest in personal change. Research has shown that natural turning points, such as a new calendar year, new […]

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Choose Action Over Reaction

Just as a physical workout leads to increased energy levels and feelings of well-being, being proactive rather than reactive in everyday living has the same effect. Being proactive means taking responsibility for our own lives. Being reactive means allowing outside forces, circumstances, or people to limit or control our life. Reactive people blame and complain […]

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BREAK THE PATTERN: Conquer The Obstacles That Get In The Way of Achieving Goals

Goals are like sparkling jewels. They glitter and glow from the energy they instill at their inception. They are our bright ideas inspired by books, music, movies, ideals, caffeine, or alcohol. We daydream and envision a future when goals become reality.   Excitement sets in! Then the hard work of implementation begins. Many are thrown off-track […]

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