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Goals: Simple Steps to Getting What You Want

The best way to ensure success for your career, business, or personal life is to plan ahead, set goals, and follow through.  It turns out that the start year is the best time of the year for this.  It’s the perfect time to pursue that spark, inspiration, new direction or change of whatever nature that is returning to your mindset.  There is actually something about starting a new year that heightens our interest in personal change.  Research has shown that natural turning points, such as a new calendar year, a new school year, or a new job, are motivators.  They create the mental divide that facilitates leaving the old behind and shaping the new.  So now is the ideal time to take advantage of that natural motivator and turn Inspiration into Accomplishment.

Here is a simple 10-step program to Getting What You Want.  Look for additional posts on each of these steps to assist with your journey.  Enhance your success by committing to this program and documenting your steps.   Also consider hiring a Coach to complete your learning and achievement!  Read It – Write It – Say It – Do It!

  1. Define What you want.
  2. Determine When you want it.
  3. Install a Positive Attitude
  4. Acknowledge Your Strengths and Skills
  5. Identify Resources
  6. Formulate An Action Plan
  7. Expect Obstacles
  8. Enlist Others
  9. Execute
  10. Reflect

Now that you have an idea of what the Road Map to Success looks like, use the detailed posts that follow to chart your course, execute and achieve.   Return to this post throughout the process to confirm that you are, indeed, on the right road to arrive at your destination.


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