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How To Be A Good Talker

Much is written about the skill of listening.   Listening is often cited as the key to effective communication.   Seek first to understand your audience and then you will be more effective with delivering your message. This is one of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (a best selling book by Stephen R. Coven) and […]

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Judgment Limits Conversations

What role does Judgment play in your conversation? Judgment is the universal bias of being right. You can recognize this when you are having a conversation with someone on one level but your mind is on operating on a different level judging with dialog about the person you are talking with (the classic I’m OK, […]

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Developing Effective Communication Skills

Communication skills (verbal and written) are at the top of the list of soft skills required of business professionals. Included in this bucket of skills and frequently also noted in job requirements is the subset of communication skills that includes negotiation, teamwork, collaboration and conflict resolution. All college graduates possess a threshold level of communication […]

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Navigating Difficult Conversations

  Nothing demonstrates leadership skills better than initiating and navigating difficult conversations.   It is normal to want to avoid these conversations. The thought of them brings up mental obstacles that we have acquired through our lifetime such as: fear of rejection, risk of causing offense, anxiety about not being able to handle the conversation well. […]

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