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Conflict is Good – Fighting is Not

  Today’s businesses operate in an environment of constant change which gives rise to disagreements and debate.   This is healthy. Successful companies rise to the challenge by relying on a diverse and multi-talented team to collaborate, develop and examine potential solutions and then choose and implement the best solution. Fighting occurs when emotions derail the […]

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Emotional Intelligence Boosts Team Performance

        Nowhere is the importance of Emotional Intelligence more obvious than in team dynamics and team performance. To be clear, team in this sense, is a group of people organized to work together to accomplish a common purpose for which they have shared accountability.   Effectively combining the individual talents of team members will […]

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What Is Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?

Emotional Intelligence. It is a term that was popularized by Daniel Goleman, an internationally known psychologist who lectures frequently to professional groups, business audiences and on college campuses. His book, Emotional Intelligence was on The New York Times bestseller list for a year-and-a-half and has sold more than 5,000,000 copies worldwide. The essence of his […]

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