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Simple Steps To Getting What You Want: Priming The Pump

This is the third installment of my Goal Achievement Series, entitled Simple Steps To Getting What You Want.  With the first two parts of this series, we looked ahead to see what the road map is going to encompass and we completed the first steps by determining What by When.

Next, Install a Positive Mindset.    A positive mindset creates energy which fuels behavior, attitude and action and then ends in results.   Results do not occur with negativity and pessimism.  Pessimistic people allow outside forces, circumstances or people limit or control their life.  They blame and complain and often take on the role of a victim. 

As an example, where is the energy in the following phrases?

Being Reactive                                                     Being Proactive

There’s nothing I can do                                   Let’s look at the alternatives

That’s just the way I am                                    I can choose a different approach

He makes me so mad                                           I control my own feelings

I don’t have time                                                    I set my own priorities

I can’t                                                                            I choose

I must                                                                            I prefer

If only                                                                            I will

The language of proactivity replaces the negative mind chatter that keeps us mired in inactivity.  Negative mind chatter will not go away simply by denying it.  It will only go away by replacing it with positive language.

In order to reach a goal, to achieve success, or to make a change, choose action over reaction.  Even though the path may not be clear, action generates energy and leads to opportunity.

Get started by making a Declaration.  This is a powerful statement of your intention, such as:  I will achieve (WHAT) by (WHEN).  I will instill positivity by  (being proactive, using positive self-talk, etc.).  I will not be a Victim, Blame or Complain or allow outside forces to keep me mired in inactivity.

Then make a Visual Display of your Declaration to keep it at the top of your mind.  Be artistic or practical with your visual.  Post your Declaration on the mirror, a wall, or the refrigerator where it calls attention and serves to remind.

Practice daily by using proactive statements whenever negativity creeps in.

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