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Simple Steps To Getting What You Want: Chart The Course

This is the fourth installment of my Goal Achievement Series, entitled Simple Steps To Getting What You Want.  In the first installment, we looked forward to see what the road map is going to encompass by reviewing all 10 steps of the program.  In the second installment, we completed the initial steps of the program by determining the What by When.   The third installment added a review of the necessary fuel for the program, which is a positive mindset.   Now, with this fourth installment, action steps are added.

Acknowledge Your Strengths and Skills.  What strengths and skills do you have that you know will empower you to persevere and transform ideas into reality?  What skills and strengths are required to become the person who is standing in the future?  Consider soft skills as well as technical skills.  Check your modesty at the door when making this inventory.  Examples of soft skills include analytical, problem solver, communicator, curious, competitive, flexible, assertive, etc.  Acknowledging these strengths serve as the power base for the journey ahead.

Identify Resources.   Make a list of resources that you can use to build your plan of action.  What specific people do you know and how can they help?  How can you use social media (your own personal sites as well as others)?   How about marketing materials such as a resume, on-line profile and 90-second commercial?

Formulate a Plan.  Create a reverse timeline.  Starting with the date of your What by When, work back monthly to the present adding interim goals for each month.   For example, if your goal is to lose 25 lbs. in 6 months, how much will you lose by the beginning of Month 5, by the beginning of Month 4, by the beginning of Month 3, and finally Month 2? 

Formulate actions to get to only the first milestone.   Realize that it’s harder to stop any action once you’ve gotten started than it is to just not start in the first place.  Develop actions that will move the idea forward to reality.  Don’t worry if the road to the destination is not clear right now.  Have confidence that one action will reveal the next door to open.  Stay open to possibilities and learning.  What actions can be taken today or this week?  What door will open?  What is the next possibility?

Stay in motion and start each day by asking yourself “What action am I going to take today?”

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