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Simple Steps To Getting What You Want: Be Resilient

This is the fifth installment of my Goal Achievement Series, entitled Simple Steps To Getting What You Want.  In the first installment, we looked forward to see what the road map is going to encompass by reviewing all 10 steps of the program.  In the second installment, we completed the initial steps of the program by determining What by When.   The third installment added a review of the necessary fuel for the program, which is a positive mindset.   The fourth installment added 3 important action steps.   Now this fifth installment brings awareness of things that can delay or derail.

Expect Obstacles.   Goals are like sparkling jewels.  They glitter and glow from the energy they instill at their inception.  They are our bright ideas inspired by social media, music, movies, ideals, caffeine or alcohol.  We dream and envision a future when goals become reality.   Then the hard work of implementation begins.  Many are thrown off-track by this phase.   After all, the skills that are necessary for successful implementation are completely different than the skills that were instrumental to creation.   Anticipating obstacles and planning alternatives in advance will help you clear them and remain on the road to your destination.

Recognize Resistance.  The better the idea, the more resistance it is likely to stir up.  This resistance will come from the outside (i.e. others) and from the inside (i.e. inside ourselves).  The best strategy is to expect this resistance and bring it to the surface at its first presentation.  Recognize that the source of much of the resistance that stops us comes from our own beliefs about our limitations.   When your thoughts get stuck in the “I can’t…..” mode recognize this as a sign of your internal resistance and make a choice.  Do you choose to stay mired in stagnation or take positive steps forward?

Harness Emotions.  Positive emotions of happiness and optimism propel us forward.  Negative emotions block this forward movement.  Strive to increase positive emotions through self-management, association with others or resources such as music or books.   An emotion that is frequently encountered on the journey to lofty goal achievement is fear, which typically manifests itself in feelings of anxiety.  After acknowledging that experiencing this emotion is a normal part of the process how can you move past it?  What is your normal habit for responding?  What would be a different choice?  How can the energy of this emotion be harnessed?

Overcome Self-Sabotage.  We start each day knowing that we will not get it all done.  Momentum is lost when the sparkle of inspiration is buried by the stress of reacting to the demands of others.  Momentum is also lost by other glittery distractions such as text messages, social media, YouTube videos, mindless TV, and so on.  Recognize those actions in your day that consume time and energy without producing results.  Make a conscious shift from reaction mode to choice.  Avoid the activities of waste and make time for planning and acting.

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