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Complaints Can Pull You Down



Complaints often fall into the category of negative mind chatter.   They arise in reaction to some act, circumstance, condition or person that is considered wrong or unjust. They fester and gain energy when we fail to form a positive response to this complaint.   But the energy is negative. It spirals downward. The complainer sees himself as a victim, powerless or helpless in the situation.


Giving voice to the complaint adds to the negative energy.   The complainer gets agreement from those around him about how bad or unjust the situation is and how well they are coping. Complaining is contagious. It feels good in the moment but diverts energy from the work at hand. In the end there is no satisfaction, power or joy.


Replace this form of negative mind chatter with the positive. Choose thoughts and words that lead toward a solution. Challenge yourself to be a No Complaint Zone for 24 hours. Replace “reaction” with “action”.   Change the situation by taking action or speaking out if necessary. If this is not possible, leave the situation or accept it.   Being responsible for your own results creates energy that spirals upward rather than downward.

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