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Answering The 4 Key Questions Hiring Managers Want To Know

For business professionals navigating a career transition, proper preparation for an interview is key to success because there are no second chances, no opportunities for a “do-over”. The competition is tough and many qualified candidates submit their resume hoping for the opportunity to interview and market themselves.

To help with this preparation, SSC Coaching has developed an Interview Preparation Toolkit that will aid in addressing the four key questions that are the main concern of hiring managers. It is not just about skills and competencies. Your resume has highlighted these. Now the hiring manager wants to get to know the person behind the qualifications.

The four key questions that the hiring manger wants to know are:

  1. Do I like you?
  2. Do you have the skills, knowledge and experience we need?
  3. Will you fit in with our culture and our team?
  4. What value do you bring?

SSC Coaching’s Interview Preparation Toolkit will help you calm and manage pre-interview anxiety, conduct a thorough self-review, anticipate questions including behavioral and situational questions, and present your best self during the interview. Wrap-up and follow-up best practices are also included.

Get the most from this toolkit by personalizing the preparation with a career coach who can help you step into the shoes of the hiring manager, will be a sounding board for considering answers, and will provide constructive feedback. Research has shown that most hiring decisions are made within 15 seconds, so positive first impressions matter.



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