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Developing the Habit of Lifelong Learning

At every stage of life, learning or “sharpening the saw” is important to first achieving and then maintaining personal happiness, engagement, and well-being. It is the 7th Habit of Highly Effective People, as noted by Stephen Covey in his best selling book on the subject of personal leadership.   This seems easy when careers are young, […]

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How to Develop Leadership Skills

When you have high career aspirations, one thing you need to establish right off the bat is the fact that you can be a leader. Whether you’re new to a particular office environment or you’ve been thinking about a way to get to the position you really want, being a good leader is important. Everybody […]

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Podcasts for Leaders

Podcast listening has become a popular way to be entertained or to learn something on the go. Out for a run? Walking the dog? Long commute? Gardening? Podcast listening can be an absorbing alternative to music.   High achievers have also discovered that they are a valuable time management tool. Listed here is a summary of […]

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The Right Way to Network

  Social networks and the need to communicate are universal human conditions. To put it in perspective, it all began with carrier pigeons in the first century BC. Communication remained relatively simple for the next 15 centuries.  Then tools such as the printing press in the 15th century, followed by the daily newspaper 2 centuries […]

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Answering The 4 Key Questions Hiring Managers Want To Know

For business professionals navigating a career transition, proper preparation for an interview is key to success because there are no second chances, no opportunities for a “do-over”. The competition is tough and many qualified candidates submit their resume hoping for the opportunity to interview and market themselves. To help with this preparation, SSC Coaching has […]

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How to Nurture Happiness

What is happiness?  This question recently stumped a classroom full of co-workers. On the one hand, the answer is so obvious – it’s that good feeling. It’s that feeling of pleasure, joy, warmth, and comfort. You know it when you have it. But, how is this best described in words? How is it achieved and […]

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