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The Right Way to Network

  Social networks and the need to communicate are universal human conditions. To put it in perspective, it all began with carrier pigeons in the first century BC. Communication remained relatively simple for the next 15 centuries.  Then tools such as the printing press in the 15th century, followed by the daily newspaper 2 centuries […]

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Answering The 4 Key Questions Hiring Managers Want To Know

For business professionals navigating a career transition, proper preparation for an interview is key to success because there are no second chances, no opportunities for a “do-over”. The competition is tough and many qualified candidates submit their resume hoping for the opportunity to interview and market themselves. To help with this preparation, SSC Coaching has […]

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How to Nurture Happiness

What is happiness?  This question recently stumped a classroom full of co-workers. On the one hand, the answer is so obvious – it’s that good feeling. It’s that feeling of pleasure, joy, warmth, and comfort. You know it when you have it. But, how is this best described in words? How is it achieved and […]

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Managing the Emotions of Career Transition

There is no doubt about it. Career transitions extract an emotional toll. Emotions show up as soon as you realize change is necessary or when change arrives completely unannounced.   Although it may feel lonely, rest assured these emotions are normal for anyone facing a major life change.   You cannot prevent them and blocking them is […]

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Developing The Skill Of Assertiveness

Assertiveness is a soft-skill. It is one of the personal attributes that contribute to success in the workplace. It is an essential component of effective communication, teamwork, conflict resolution and leadership. It is important then to understand what being assertive is all about. Assertiveness is not just “speaking up”. It not about passing judgment or […]

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Connecting Brand and Purpose

Your personal brand is what others “see” when you interact with them. You may not be aware that you have a personal brand, but when you connect with someone, they react with emotions just as much as logic (if not more).   Your core principals, values, ethics and mindset shine through.   After all, isn’t it true […]

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Achieving The Elusive Goal of Balance

Achieving balance is a struggle and it is constant because change is constant and the pace of life is fast and furious.   Like the pursuit of success, it is a goal that is fleetingly achieved because the bar is then either raised or changed.   Shifting your mindset on this goal, developing awareness of your limiting […]

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Acing the Interview (before you leave home)

Congratulations. You have risen to the top of the pool of applicants and have been invited in for an interview. Your resume has been successful in highlighting your key skills and accomplishments and matching them with the job description.   Now the company wants to get to know the person behind the qualifications. Technical skills alone […]

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From Dreams To Reality

As the calendar turns from December to January and a new year begins, the subject of goals and resolutions comes up. It turns out that there is actually something about starting a new year that heightens our interest in personal change. Research has shown that natural turning points, such as a new calendar year, new […]

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