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Demonstrate Leadership Through Empowerment

Empowerment is another key trait of great leaders.  True leaders make their associates feel emboldened and powerful, not diminished and powerless.   It is one of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  Habit 4 is “Think Win/Win”.   The win/win paradigm shifts the emphasis from the traditional authoritarian supervision (i.e. top-down) model to a cooperative […]

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Building a Foundation for Leadership

Developing leadership skills will enhance your career even if your goals do not include attaining a leadership position Do you want to advance in your career or in your organization?  Do you aspire to move to the next level, to gain greater responsibility, to be a leader?   Leadership is not just a position.  In order […]

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Abolish Negative Self Talk

Are you plagued by negative self-talk?  Do you start off your day with anxiety over an event that is looming on your calendar?  Or do you feel that you are just never going to succeed – maybe you should just give up and go in a different direction?  At the end of the day, are […]

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Time Management – Don’t be a Victim

Time management is a universal problem in our fast paced, technologically advanced, super-connected world.   At some point, nearly everyone feels stressed-out and overwhelmed.   Sooner or later, our attempts to control time by multi-tasking and making detailed schedules exhausts us.  How can I better manage time is inevitably a question that comes up in coaching conversations.   […]

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