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Achieving Your Goals – Turning Inspiration into Accomplishment

How did the last year go for you?  Were you inspired after your morning coffee but got to the end of the day without acting on that inspiration?   Did you resolve to make a change, to advance your career, or to achieve a higher level of success in your business and then find that it was easier said than done?   If this sounds like you, here are some tips for launching the new year with a bang.

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The starting point for achieving success is to make sure that you have a goal and your goal is concrete.   Ask yourself:  does my goal pass the SMART test?  Is it – Specific – Measurable – Achievable – Realistic –Timely?

It’s easy to see this point with the example.  Say that you want to lose weight.   Just resolving to eat better and begin exercising does not pass the SMART test.   So, be specific.  Start by asking yourself – What by When? What is the end result and the deadline?   Instead of saying  “I’m going to stop snacking starting tomorrow” choose instead “I’m going to loose 25 pounds in 60 days”.   This is Specific and Measurable.   Now ask:  is this goal achievable and realistic?    Would it be less daunting to break it down to loosing 10 pounds in 30 days to get started?  Once you’ve achieved that goal, celebrate and reward yourself (not with chocolate!).   Then, reset your goal to the next level and repeat.   In other words, build on it.

Once you have your SMART goal, take steps to hold yourself accountable.  Tell your friends, post it on facebook, or just share with you partner or best friend.   Now you can’t turn back or neglect your goal without being accountable.    To make this even more powerful, ask someone to partner with you for support and accountability.  Then let them know your progress and celebrate your success.

Achieving your career goals may seem daunting or overwhelming to you.   You don’t know how to get from here to there.   There is an imaginary wall between idea and action.  A coach can help you break down this barrier.  All you need is the commitment to make a change and a passion for personal fulfillment.  A coach can help to create SMART goals and also help to navigate obstacles – both external obstacles (skills, resources, people) as well as internal obstacles (negative self-talk, anxiety, feelings of being overwhelmed, disconnects between interpretation and fact).

To get started today, please contact me for a free consultation and turn your inspiration into accomplishment.

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