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Leadership Development: A Toolkit for Aspiring Leaders

Do your career aspirations include continual forward progress with the goal of leading others?

SSC Coaching introduces its Leadership Development Toolkit for those professionals aspiring to leadership positions. This toolkit is a practical course on leadership ship that reviews basic principals and the current model for leading in today’s economy that is powered by a knowledge-based workforce. Building on this foundation the toolkit then customizes its approach by incorporating an assessment of personal leadership skills and talents and further develops these by putting a plan in place for growth and development.


What sets this program apart from other leadership development programs is that it is customized, delivered on a one-on-one basis, and can start anytime.   While the principals are broad, the application of these principals is where the real learning begins.   The focus is on the unique talents of each client and developing these within the setting of their organization and work environment.


The Leadership Development Toolkit is an interactive program encompassing course materials and exercises that apply the material to the workplace. This is not a self-study program. It is a coach lead lesson outline that supports and brings out the best of rising professionals.


The prerequisites for this course are a positive mindset and a commitment to excel.   This will power the actions required to get from here to there – from aspiration to achievement. Contact SSC Coaching today to learn more.

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