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Time Management: What’s Behind Your Choice?



Time Management is a phrase that is linked to stress. Merely thinking about it can create a negative mindset that starts a downward spiral of thoughts and feelings. It is a universal problem that is getting worse rather than better in our fast paced, technologically advanced, super-connected world.

A google search of “time management” returns 502,000,000 responses and “time management strategies” returns 206,000,000 responses.   There are excellent courses, workshops and articles available. However, to be successful with any of these strategies, you must first be open to both understanding and changing some views of yourself and your relationship with others.  Of particular importance is the role that Choice plays in your life.  Consider these examples:

  1. Are you a Superwoman (or Superman)? Do you want to be perceived as being able to do it all? Do you find it difficult to let others know that you have limits?
  2. Does your competitive nature keep you from sharing or delegating?   Does it diminish your importance to have someone else perform capably?
  3. Do you avoid conflict with others by taking no action rather than speaking up for yourself? Do you allow your day to slip away from you when others step into your calendar with distractions or requests?
  4. Are you easily distracted (by e-mail, text messages, social media) when working on a difficult or dull project?

You can’t really manage time. No matter what you do, there is only 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and 52 weeks in a year.   What you can manage is the choices that you make every day when faced with competing demands.   The results that you achieve are directly related to all the choices that were made. (Remember that doing nothing is also a choice.) Understanding the factors that influence your personal choices is the key to success in any effort to manage your calendar.

A coach can help you understand the emotions and mindsets that are holding you back from achieving success and assist with developing the muscles of choice. To get started today, call me for a free consultation. Take the first step toward relieving the stress in your life.


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