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The Importance of Trying



What does it take to change behavior? In his new best seller, Triggers, Marshall Goldsmith’s central theme highlights the importance of being proactive – in other words – just try, every day.   He shows the power of incorporating active questions into your daily routine. These are a few simple questions such as “Did I do my best to set clear goals today?” Notice that the question is meant to measure effort rather than result.   Goldsmith shows how answering the question by rating the effort on a scale of 1 to 10 rather than merely answering with a yes or no is more impactful and self-reflective. The amount of effort expended has a direct relationship to results over time.

Goldsmith sets this central theme of Just Try into a supporting structure and gives real life examples of application and success. Important elements of the supporting structure that are discussed include:

  1. AIWATT – An acronym for Am I Willing At This Time to make the investment required to make a positive difference on this topic. In other words, are you ready to fully commit to this change?
  1. Why – Will this change help to find meaning and purpose, build positive relationships, improve feelings of well-being and happiness?
  1. Triggers – Identify internal beliefs that stop behavioral change and recognize environmental triggers that can both stimulate or impede change.
  1. Structure and Accountability – Commit to a daily routine and enlist and accountability partner.

There is a wide chasm between planning and doing or inspiration and action.   Goldsmith’s book is a tool to help bridge the gap. Add commitment and an accountability partner. You will find that dedicated effort leads to results.


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