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Stanley McChrystal, delivers a compelling TED talk titled: Listen, Learn, then Lead. Through his entertaining delivery, the viewer experiences what it is like to be a paratrooper, to experience the shift of the military environment after the attacks of 9/11, and to successfully adjust and craft a winning leadership model grounded in Emotional Intelligence. (Memory refresher: Stanley McChrystal is a retired Army 4-star General and former Commander of US Forces in Afghanistan.)

McChrystal relates that up until 9/11, his model of leadership was the traditional model of Command and Control practiced by well-known military leaders of past wars.   But then the world changed.   The new environment was characterized by the rapid movement of information, data and technology.   The force he was leading was diverse in every way imaginable – age, gender, race, skill sets, culture, and vocabulary – and it was spread over 20 countries. To be effective as a leader, McChrystal knew the importance of enrolling the troops in a shared purpose and building trust. He relates how he accomplished this in a world where a shared physical presence was not possible – it wasn’t possible to gather together in a room and look each other in the eye. By embracing the elements of Emotional Intelligence, McChrystal demonstrates that leadership is not about being right – it’s about learning and building trust.

Stanley McChrystal is a model of social awareness and relationship management. View this TED talk for a real-life demonstration of the following competencies:

1.  Empathy – Sensing others’ emotions, understanding their perspective, and taking active interest in their concerns.

2.  Organizational Awareness – Reading the currents, decision networks, and politics at the organizational level.

3.  Service – Recognizing and meeting follower, client, or customer needs.

4.  Change Catalyst – Initiating, managing and leading in a new direction.

5.  Developing Others – Bolstering others’ abilities through feedback and guidance.

Follow this link to access this 15 minute TED talk:

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