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Forgiving A Difficult Colleague

A recent article in the Harvard Business Review advocated using forgiveness as a tool to consider in managing your emotions and relationship with a difficult colleague.  I have always connected the term “forgiveness” to a past act of someone.  To someone who is remorseful and has asked for forgiveness.  Here is a new way to […]

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5 Essential Soft Skills To Develop In Any Job

The single most important skill that you need to propel your career movement is to be proactive. Ask yourself every day “What action can I take today to move myself forward”? Here are some examples of how to be proactive and also enhance your professional development. The following excerpt is from the Harvard Business Review article by […]

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Emotional Intelligence Boosts Team Performance

        Nowhere is the importance of Emotional Intelligence more obvious than in team dynamics and team performance. To be clear, team in this sense, is a group of people organized to work together to accomplish a common purpose for which they have shared accountability.   Effectively combining the individual talents of team members will […]

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