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How to Develop Leadership Skills

When you have high career aspirations, one thing you need to establish right off the bat is the fact that you can be a leader. Whether you’re new to a particular office environment or you’ve been thinking about a way to get to the position you really want, being a good leader is important. Everybody […]

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Leadership: Talent vs. Skill

Is leadership a talent or a skill? Do great leaders have a natural aptitude for motivating a group to achieve results? Or is leadership a skill that can be learned through training, experience and practice? Regardless of where you fall on this debate, successful leadership is fueled by a burning desire or deep commitment. You […]

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How Leaders Use Text Messaging

Text messaging is a popular form of communication, particularly among the millennials where it is the preferred form of communication, easily replacing e-mail.   Equally popular is social media in its various forms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, various blogs and apps, etc.).   Spend time in any coffee shop or restaurant and you will see the prominence […]

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Conflict is Good – Fighting is Not

  Today’s businesses operate in an environment of constant change which gives rise to disagreements and debate.   This is healthy. Successful companies rise to the challenge by relying on a diverse and multi-talented team to collaborate, develop and examine potential solutions and then choose and implement the best solution. Fighting occurs when emotions derail the […]

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